About Raja Laut

“Timeless Journeys at the Crossroads of Ancient Spice Routes”

Launched in 2006, Raja Laut was designed specifically for private charter journeys in Southeast Asia's remote, offshore islands. Our cruises are renowned for providing exceptional seascapes, a close-to-nature feeling, with personalization, privacy, and even simplicity as an overarching goal.

Our team has over 20 years of hands on experience navigating the waters of Southeast Asia, however a lifetime would never be enough to explore even a fraction of the estimated 30,000 islands within this region. Today we are delighted to be able to continually seek out new areas, and to share these experiences with our guests.

Raja Laut is a modern incarnation of a 19th century trading schooner, the type of vessel that sailed from Europe and North America to join the spice trade in the Indonesian and Malay Archipelagos.

Strategically located between East and West, with it's geography of thousands of islands, and a rich bounty in spices, this vast archipelago was then, and remains today, a cultural melting pot of flourishing entrepots, port cities, and ancient kingdoms.

The name "Raja Laut" means "King of the Seas" in Malay. "Raja" (itself a derivation of the hindustani for king) was an honorific title used in ancient times from Srivijaya to Malacca, Makassar to Ambon.

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