For navigators, explorers and nature lovers, South East Asia and especially Indonesia holds an allure matched by few other places on earth. Although we take it as self-evident from the history of the spice trade, the explorations of Wallace and Darwin, and literature from the likes of Conrad, modern Asia was for many years on the fringes of the sailing world, mainly due to the lack of facilities and infrastructure to support visiting yachts.

Asia's economic development has changed this, especially in respect of communications and flight connections, and as a result yacht charter in Indonesia has emerged today as one of the most sought after experiences for the discerning traveller, in no small part due to the incredible number of islands found here.

Raja Laut is a genuine sailing schooner has since 2006 sailed as far West as the Maldives and as far east as Papua, and explored many locations in between. Join us to explore the wonders of the Indonesian Islands.

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