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With over 25,000 islands, yacht charter in South East Asia presents an almost limitless array of possibilities for the discerning traveller. A lifetime would not be sufficient to explore the tropical islands of the region.

However it is designed, a yacht charter journey in Asia should seek out the experiences that matter to you - whether it’s meeting the Moken sea gypsies in Burma’s Mergui archipelago, scuba diving on the reefs of Komodo National Park (link to Komodo page), feeling the presence of history - the spice trade, literature by the likes of Joseph Conrad, or discovering the rich cultures and traditions inherited by exotic islanders of Indonesia.

Whether you wish to embrace the serenity and tranquility of a tropical cruise, or explore the most ecologically diverse seas in the world, the yacht Raja Laut and her crew will ensure an experience to savour.

Alor & Savu Sea

Yacht charter in these stunningly beautiful islands can be a logistical challenge, but for those with time to spare it is extremely rewarding. Journeys in the Savu sea can literally take you from ridge to reef - from the volcanic crater lakes of Kelimutu, through rural landscapes, sleepy harbours, to coral fringed islands with unrivalled diving spots.

While the region features idyllic shores, reefs, landscapes, and sites of historical interest, it is above all contact with the people that makes it so special. Everyday life is filled with ritual ceremonies, and the craftsmanship one witnesses in activities like ikat weaving is living proof of a unique heritage.

Andaman & Nicobar

Situated four hundred miles west of Phuket, the Andaman island are, together with the Nicobar islands, part of the union territories of India. An oceanic continuation of the Burmese Arakan Yoma range in the North and of the Indonesian Archipelago in the South, the Andaman Archipelago is as spectacularly beautiful as it is remote.

Here there are 572 islands featuring forested shorelines leading down to white sand beach, or in sheltered areas, small mangrove forests. Along the shores are fringing coral reefs where the ocean depths show their wealth of sea life. A true yacht charter paradise.


Sulawesi, a spider-shaped island formerly known as Celebes, has four peninsulas that enclose three huge bays: the Gulf of Tomini, the Tolo Gulf, and the Bone Gulf. In the north is the capital Manado, the gateway to Bunaken, a marine park with some of the world's most exceptional coral gardens. Down South, Wakatobi is a marine national park with world-class diving, and in the gulf of Tomini are the Togean islands - idyllic and magical. Throughout there is a great diversity of people and cultures. The geography dictated that some, like the Bugis, became seafarers, while others, like the people of Tanah Toraja who were hemmed in by mountains, developed land-locked cultures.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is an archipelago located off West Papua (Irian Jaya) a region known for fascinating indigenous tribes, rugged terrain, impenetrable rainforests and exquisite, absolutely world-class scuba diving. Extraordinary island landscapes, and even more extraordinary reefs make the Raja Ampat unique. At the heart of the Wallacea Triangle, Raja Ampat offers the highest recorded marine diversity of anywhere in the entire world, for fish coral and invertebrates, with over 1,070 fish species, 537 coral species and 699 mollusc species. The islands of the Raja Ampat can easily be described as a yacht charter heaven.


Just 100 miles south of Phuket, Langkawi is a serene collection of 99 sparsely-inhabited islands, with pristine beaches and lush rainforest-covered mountains, ideal for nature lovers.

The main island of Langkawi, with an international airport is an established base for yachts and 5 star resort destination. From Langkawi one can sail south, hopping between islands to visit enchanting sea-water lakes and caves, see long tailed macaques, spectacular sea eagles, hairy nosed sea otters, kingfishers and the beautiful, but shy, spectacled languor.


The Maluku archipelago is a group of a thousand islands, also known as the Spice Islands, and though remote and nearly forgotten, their significance in history is truly amazing. The locally grown nutmeg was so valuable in Europe’s markets that it was at one time worth its weight in gold. Remote and pristine, the name Maluku itself is thought to have been derived from the Arab trader's term for the region, Jazirat al-Muluk “the island of the kings”. Today the islands of the Banda Sea are no longer teeming with spice traders, but instead welcome visiting yachts to explore some other hidden treasures - the underwater reefs where one can find large pelagics, WWII wrecks, macro life, caves, and sea mounts.

Phuket & Thailand

Thailand - the land of smiles - is a country of outstanding beauty, culture, and natural diversity. Along Thailand’s western border is the Andaman Sea, whose coastal areas feature stunning seascapes, bio-diverse coral gardens, and white sand beaches.

Phuket is the ideal gateway for yacht charter explorations of the Andaman sea and the Bay of Phang Nga, sheltered on 3 sides and dotted with hundreds of islands, offers nature lovers an unspoiled landscape of beaches, forested valleys, mangroves and estuaries.

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